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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

French and Russian DL Previews- Shiny!

Hello to all,
I know I just posted an introduction, but I found this recently and just had to put it up.  Spartan Games released the pictures of painted French and Russian Dystopian Legion models and they are gorgeous!

First up we have the Russian Coalition Cossacks!  These guys look great with their fur caps, although I feel the blunderbusses look a bit silly!  Interestingly their is no specialist with these guys, so maybe Spartan hasn't gotten all their stuff back from the Painters yet.  One another note, and that is that these guys look very different from the sniper released a couple days ago, but I think the rules and stats for these two units should compliment each other nicely!
Photo: As promised yesterday. Having great fun with our new Russian Coalition minis for Dystopian Legions. We're about two weeks away from a cracking announcement for the game, so time to start sharing images of our hard work. All the best.
Here is the gorgeous sniper model.  I love the canteen and open map!
Next we have the French.  This group looks like Foreign Legion troops from WWII, which I love!  Even better, one of them is sporting a rifle grenade, which should have some nasty abilities.  Finally, one of them is carrying a silver box.  Personally, I believe this will be a music box to coordinate their fire, but at the moment anyone's guess could be correct.

So what do you think?  Will you be getting any of these models when they are released?
I really like the models, but want to wait to see the stats before I buy them.
Leave your comments below, and may the dice be in you favor!

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